Young Adult Breast Cancer Survivors


Young Female Breast Cancer Survivors

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Young Breast Cancer Survivors: Ten Years Later

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"Young and Strong" Program Addresses Multiple Needs of Women in 40s and Younger Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

ASCO Post, August 15, 2012, p. 17.   Author: Bath, Charlotte

     This program developed at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute of Boston, MA addresses the challenges facing young women with breast cancer.  The program is exportable to other sites of care. 

Focus Under Forty

This educational module from the American Society of Clinical Oncology provides insight into the unique aspects of young adults with cancer, post-treatment.

Adolescent and Young Adult Patients Report Unmet Needs for Cancer Information and Psychosocial Support Services

ASCO, September 1, 2012, page 31.  Author:  Bath, Charlotte

Breast Cancer in Patients Younger than age 36: An International Experience With Diagnosis and Management

Patrick Neven, MD, PhD presents this editorial at the San Francisco Breast Cancer Symposium, San Francisco, California, September, 2012

Model Program to Improve Care for a Unique Cancer Population: Young Women with Breast Cancer

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Teens and Young Adults with Cancer Want a Voice in End-of-Life Care

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Study Finds Young Cancer Survivors often Skip Checkups

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The Stressors and Vulnerabilities of Young Single Childless Women with Breast Cancer: A Qualitative Study

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Educational and other Resource Materials from the Young Survival Coalition

The Young Survival Coalition is a non-profit organization that specifically provides educational materials, insight into new research, and tools for young women facing breast cancer.  Follow this link here to learn of this organization's offerings for health care professionals and for young women facing breast cancer.

Fear of Recurrence in Long-Term Breast Cancer Survivors- Still an Issue

Journal of Psycho Oncology, Volume 23, # 5, pp. 547-554, May, 2014.  First author:  Koch, Lena