About Us

The Pink Ribbon Survivors Network is a breast cancer survivorship nonprofit organization dedicated to serving breast cancer survivors and providing education tools for cancer professionals and primary care providers that care for breast cancer survivors. We believe that:

Breast cancer survivors are underserved, if their health care providers are undereducated.

The Pink Ribbon Survivors Network aims to bridge this education gap. The organization brings together cancer doctors, nurses, social workers, breast cancer survivors, and community scholars to address three fundamental needs:

1.) Primary healthcare providers need access to a single site of resources and information which would help them understand the long term medical consequences and psychosocial health care needs of the breast cancer survivors that they see in their practice daily.

2.) Breast cancer survivors need a single site to help guide them through the many disparate breast cancer programs that exist, each with its own features and agenda.

3.) The cancer care professional community needs a single site with an online library housing professional publications concerning breast cancer survivorship.

Each separate Homepage hosts a unique Virtual Library that offers an extensive collection of articles and texts for:

  • Survivors
  • Prmary Care Providers and
  • Cancer Care Professionals

See each Homepage to access the pertinent Virtual Library.

The Pink Ribbon Survivors Network is a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center ("CNDC"). The CNDC is a duly registered public charity, exempt from Federal income taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code