Gynecologic Issues: Sexuality/ Fertility


LiveStrong Health Care Professional Resource: Fertility Preservation Options and Cancer/Fertility Issues Brochures

These resources from provide the health care professional with tools for consideration of fertilitiy options and brochures to help patients learn of fertility issues.

Fertility Risk Issues and Guidelines

This  module from the Livestrong Foundation, know as Fertile Hope, provides health care professionals with management advise regarding: 1.) Fertility Risks associated with individual medications and regimens, 2.) Options to consider 3.) Patient Triage Algorithms and 4.)  Practice Guidelines.  In addition, this website provides access to published research, current trials, and professional lecture material.

Premature Ovarian Failure and its Consequences: Vasomotor Symptoms, Sexuality, and Fertility

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Reproductive Complications and Sexual Dysfunction in the Cancer Patient

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Persistence is Key to Treating Sexual Pain

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Fertility ( male and female) and Menopause

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Sexual Health Considerations in Cancer Treatment and Survivorship

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