Cardiovascular Effects


American Society of Clinical Oncology Clinical Evidence Review on the Ongoing Care of Adult Cancer Survivors: Cardiac and Pulmonary Late Effects

This review from the American Society of Clinical Oncology summarizes the late cardiac and pulmonary effects of prior cancer treatment.

Cardiac Morbidity of Adjuvant Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer

This review article, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology identified no extra cardiac morbidity from radiation therapy to the left breast vs. radiation therapy to the right breast.

Cardiorespiratory Effects in Cancer Survivors: Cardiac and Pulmonary Toxicities May Occur As Late or Long-Term Sequelae of Cancer Treatment

This review articles include some of the basic pathophysiology of late toxicity, and clinical management, including assessing symptomatology and diagnostic testing.

Cardiovascular Toxicity Caused by Cancer Treatment: Strategies for Early Detection

This review article from the Lancet Oncology reviews diagnostic methods to detect early findings of treatment related cardiac toxicity.

Stroke Rates and Risk Factors in Patients Treated with Radiation Therapy for Early-Stage Breast Cancer

This review article identifies a very small long term increase in the rate of CVA among patients treated with Radiation Therapy for breast cancer.

Late Cardiac Effects of Cancer Treatment

The Journal of Clinical Oncology, Volume 30, # 30, October 20, 2012.  First author: Lenihan, Daniel J.

Building Bridges: Cardio-Oncology and Onco-Cardiology

ASCO Connection, November, 16, 2012, Author:  American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)  President, Sanda M. Swain, MD, FACP

Risk of Ischemic Heart Disease in Women After Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer

NEJM, 3/14/2013; 268: 987-998.  First author: Darby, Sarah C.

The Cardiovascular Perils of Cancer Survivorship

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Anthracyclines and Heart Failure

New England Journal of Medicine, volume 368, # 12, pp. 115401156.  Author: Sawyer, Douglas

Risk for Ischemic Heart Disease after Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer

The ASCO Post, Volume 4, # 8, May 15, 2013, pp. 49-50.  Author: Stenger,Matthew

The Influence of Adjuvant Therapy on Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Early-Stage Breast Cancer Seven Years after Diagnosis: The Cooper Center Longitudinal Study

The Journal of Breast Cancer Treatment and Research, Volume 138, # 3, April, 2013, pp. 909-916.  First author: Lakoski, Susan G.