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The Pink Ribbon Survivors Network offers breast cancer Survivors two unique features:

A comprehensive Breast Cancer Resource Directory to help one find the particular features that support organizations offer from their website.  Pink Ribbon helps the breast cancer survivor find the resources and tools among the many breast cancer organizations that exist.

A Curriculum for Recovery Library that has assembled selected articles, readings, and websites to promote, help and support breast cancer survival. It is an extensive online asset for learning about the many challenges faced with the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Understanding and surviving breast cancer can be overwhelming. The Pink Ribbon Survivors Network is designed to be an online information hub that connects you to all the relevant and up to date information, articles, support groups, and with websites related to breast cancer survivorship.

NEW and RENEW: Building the Case for Weight Loss in Breast Cancer

This editorial in the Journal of Clinical Oncology discusses new findings that support weight loss and exercise as being important for survival and well being in breast cancer survivors.  The Curriculm for Recovery Library for Survivors, accessed from this screen provides more insight as to recent findings linking weight loss and exercise to improved health for Survivors. Learn more in the Diet/Exercise/Self-Care section of this virtual library.

Yoga Found to Improve Joint Pain Associated with some Breast Cancer Hormonal Therapy

An important finding from the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting in June, 2012 was the research-based discovery to identify that Yoga alleviates the joint pain caused by some hormonal agents used in the long-term treatment of breast cancer.  Your health care provider can learn more of this study though the virtual library for professionals found here on this website.

Cancer Specialists seek to better understand long term needs of Survivors

At the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in June, leading cancer specialists brought attention to the need to better inform Primary Care Providers and Cancer Specialists, also as to potential consequences of previous cancer treatments.  It is the mission of Pink Ribbon Survivors Network to assist in the dissemination of this information to better inform all health care providers concerning the long term needs and issues of Breast Cancer Survivors.