Survivorship When Cancer Recurs


Life After Cancer, from the National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship

The National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship:

Understanding Cancer Recurrence

This resource from the American Cancer Society provides insight for those who face cancer recurrence.

Nearing the End of Life

This online guide from the American Cancer Society provides the perspective of end of life issues for the patient and for caregivers.

Second Cancers Following Breast Cancer Treatment

This module from Journey Forward provides insight as to the possibility of second cancers following breast cancer treatment.

Invisible Wounds

Oncology Times, Volume 31, # 16,  August 25, 2009, pp. 34-35. Author: Harpham, Wendy S.

Guessing Game: Patients with metastatic cancer live with uncertainty

Supplement in Cure Magazine, Winter 2013, pp.9-14.  Author: Gaskill, Melissa

Reasons for Hope: Options are available to keep disease at bay

From Cure Magazine, Winter Supplement, 2013, pp. 17-22.  Author:  Peck, Susan R.

Living with Metastatic Cancer: Many Patients Live Long and Well

From the Winter 2013 Supplement of Cure Magazine, pp. 23-27.  Author: Nelson, Roxanne

On Borrowed Time

This article by physician-author Wendy Harpham, MD discusses the uncertainty involved with living with the diagnosis of cancer.  Not certain whether the disease will recur.  How can one make the most of this "extra time?" Read more here.

Teens and Young Adults with Cancer Want a Voice in End-of-Life Care

This article, published in a leading Oncologist's monthly publication illustrates how Oncologists are becoming more aware of the particular needs of Young Adults with Cancer, especially at the end of life.  Read more with this link, here.  Publication: The ASCO Post, January 15, 2013.  Author: Jo Cavallo.

Betting Against the Odds

This article by Survivor, Sharon K. Barger describes her level of acceptance and optimism despite awareness of having metastatic breast cancer as she raises three children.  Read more here.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Series: Understanding Palliative Care

This guide is provided by the Life Beyond Breast Cancer Foundation.  Read more here.