Accepting New Limitations


" I Can Cope." An online resource from the American Cancer Society

This nationally recognized program from the American Cancer Society can be accessed locally through American Cancer Society regional programs, or as an online class.  This link will give you more information, and provide information about local classes and provide a link to the online course.

Life After Cancer Treatment: Managing Fatigue

This Journey Forward and National Cancer Institute resource provides insight as to managing fatigue following cancer treatment.

Life After Cancer Treatment: Managing Memory and Concentration Changes

Journey Forward and the National Cancer Institute provides this module regarding memory and concentration following cancer treatment.

Embracing the 'new normal'

A Handy, Helpful Handout

Oncology Times, Volume 32, #9, May 10, 2010,  p. 31.    Author: Harpham, Wendy S.

Setting Up a Caregiver Team

This article in CURE Magazine gives a brief and helpful concept of how a caregiver team can assist in your recovery.

Providing Aid and Comfort: Caring for Those with Metastatic Disease calls for Flexibility, Commitment

From the Winter 2013 Supplement of Cure Magazine, pp. 29-32. Author: Vaughan, Don

Worrying About The Past

This essay by Wendy S. Harpham, MD provides a perspective on the task of letting go of prior concerns in adapting to life with the diagnosis of cancer.  Read more here:

Cognitive Function after the Initiation of Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy in Early Stage Breast Cancer: An Observational Cohort Study

This article in the medical journal, The Journal of Clinical Oncology (voume 32, # 31, 11/1/14, pp. 3359-3567;first author: Ganz, Patricia A.) reports that hormone therapy does affect language and communications.  Read more here:

Lost in Transition After Cancer

Read this essay from a young woman in her 20's searching to find her new identity, post chemotherapy. This link takes you to the article in the Science and Health section of the New York Times, 3/17/15.  Read more here: