Share the Breast Cancer Journey: Become a Research Partner

        Are the symptoms and daily life of a breast cancer survivor worthy of study and reporting?  Does the medical community really care what each survivor is experiencing?  Now the answer is yes- those findings of daily life are important to the understanding of breast cancer survivorship.  Each person's experiences are needed to understand what life is really like for breast cancer survivors......

        The organization, is launching an important research study that needs breast cancer survivors to enroll to report their active daily findings.  Unique in this study is the opportunity to catalog those weekly personal symptoms in a mobile ap.  The program is called "Share the Journey: Mind, Body, and Wellness after Breast Cancer."  This study seeks to understand breast cancer survivors's active symptoms and to learn how mobile applications can help to record and catalog those symptoms to provide the most accurate accounting of a survivors' post-therapy existence.

       Curious to learn more?  Find more details from  More details of the study can be accessed here:   Each survivor can make a difference.  We need to understand what it is really like to be a breast cancer survivor, week to week.