Breast Cancer Recovery Immediately Post-op

     Issues in Breast Cancer Recovery need to include the immediate post-operative period.  We can all relate to the patient after breast surgery with a fresh surgical incision, a surgical drain in place, and those first few days, a desperate sense of wanting a warm shower, as part of the initial recovery process.   Despite that desire, there is the need to avoid water contamination that might introduce a bacterial infection into the fresh surgical wound.  The solution voiced by many clinicians seems impractical:  "Use a trash bag, and cuts some holes for the head and arms."

    Fortunately, The Shower Shirt  was developed by an inventive woman, Lisa Crittes who faced this post-operative issue in 2009.

    The Shower Shirt is an FDA approved Class 1 medical product that is designed to allow a woman to shower post-operatively.  With minimal instructions and self-explanatory fitting, a first shower is feasible, and consistent with appropriate wound site protection.  With surgical drains in place, taking a shower safely is part of good hygienic physical recovery.  The shower is also a metaphor at many levels for other aspects of recovery beyond skin deep.  Take a look at this practical, simple protective device here: