Maintaining Family/Married/Partnered Life


"Helping Children When a Family Member has Cancer," an online module from the American Cancer Society

This online resource from the American Cancer Society provides insight into many different issues when a parent has cancer.  The topics range from learning of a diagnosis of cancer, to understanding psychosocial supprt issues, to coping with the loss of a parent due to cancer.

Life After Cancer Treatment: Body Changes and Intimacy

This resource from Journey Forward provides advice on body image and intimacy following cancer treatmetn.

Life After Cancer Treatment: Social and Work Relationships

Journey Forward and the National Cancer Institute provides insight as to family and social relationships following cancer treatment.

Conversation 2008

Oncology Times, Volume 30, # 16, August 25, 2008, pp. 30-31.  Author: Harpham, Wendy S.

How to Manage Family Dynamics During Cancer

This CURE Magazine article shares considerable insight into issues of family relationships during cancer treatment.

Sexuality and Intimacy Resources

This resource guide published in CURE Magazine lists more than one dozen professional resources to consider regarding advice on the issue of Sexuality and Intimacy during survivorship.

Sex and Intimacy after Cancer

This article in Cure Magazine provides insight into the issue of Sex and Intimacy in Cancer survivorship.

Under the Sheets

This insight article in CURE Magazine provides discussion of regaining intimacy and sexuality following breast cancer treatment.

Family Life when a Parent is Diagnosed with Cancer: Impact of a Psychosocial Intervention for Young Children

Read this medical article summary that demonstrates that psychosocial intervention aided young children to learn about and adjust to the existence of cancer among one of the parents.  European Journal of Cancer Care, Volume 22, # 3, March, 2013, pp. 219-231.  First author: Semple, C.J.

Guide to Understanding Intimacy and Sexuality

This guide developed by the Life Beyond Breast Cancer Foundation provides insight into intimacy and sexuality as affected by breast cancer and its treatment.

Access this guide via pdf or in print format from this link here.

Battling Cancer Together

This article written by Jane Brody, which appeared in the New York Times in print on 5/28/13 discusses author Dan Shapiro, PhD's recently published book, "And in Health, A Guide for Couples Facing Cancer Together."  This book draws from Dr. Shapiro's own personal experience with Lymphoma as a young adult, and his later role supporting his wife, who developed breast cancer.  Dr. Shapiro, a health care psychologist interviewed dozens of couples facing cancer to make observations that serve as the core of this  book.  Read the New York Times article in this link.  This book can also be found in the Recommended Readings section of the Curriculum for Recovery Library.

The Mental Health of Breast Cancer Survivors and their Adolescent Daughters

The Journal of Psycho-Oncology, Volume 22, # 6, June, 2013, pp. 1236-1241.  First author: Inbar, Cohen.  This somewhat technical study illustrates that in certain personality types, adolescent daughters have greater anxiety related to their relationship with their mothers facing breast cancer treatment.  Read more here.