Identifying Priorities


Intro to Priorities/Care Plan information and links

This link connects to Cancer.Net Survivorship resources.  Cancer.Net is the patient information resource that has been developed by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the largest professional association of cancer physicians in the United States.  From this link, the reader can find more than a dozen organizations that provide survivorship programs.

Survivorship: Next Steps to Take After Treatment

This educational piece provides insight into Survivorship issues and includes links to other resources.

Survivorship Priorities

This link takes the reader to the American Cancer Society Survivorship Resource page.

Developing a Survivorship Plan from

This module from guides the survivor through a personal module for your recovery planning.

Booklet for patients-priorities and plan

This link provides access to the MD Anderson Cancer Center Survivorship Resource.  The site includes resource programs, survivor's stories and video of survivors.

New Meaning and Drive in Life After Cancer

This article, written by Health writer, Tara Parker-Pope, appears in the Science Times section of the New York Times,  Tuesday, December 4, 2012.  "We have all been forced to find the joy in the smallest things."  Author Tara Parker-Pope reveals how many items overlooked in life, can take on new meaning and signicance in the life of cancer survivors.

Predictor of Post-Traumatic Growth in Women with Breast Cancer

Published in the Journal of Psycho-Oncology, online, dated 10/17/13.  First author: Danhauer, Suzanne C.

This article discusses the result of a study of 653 women followed for 2 years after the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Post-Traumatic Growth is defined as: "positive psychological change experienced as a result of struggle with highly challenging life experiences."

Access this clinical research article in this link here:

Amy Robach: "I got cancer- and then I learned to live."

Read Amy Robach's interview in Redbook Magazine, October, 2014 edition, pp.124-128.  She describes her perspective to keep a positive frame of mind through her diagnosis and initial treatment.  Read more here:

BREATH: Web-Based Self-Management for Psychological Adjustment After Primary Breast Cancer-Results of a Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial

This article in the Journal of Clinical Oncology (Volume 33, # 25, 9/1/15, pp. 273-2771, first author: van den Berg, Sanne W.) describes a study of women who utilized a web based self management tool for psychological adjustment.  Read more here: