Decisions about Breast Cancer Treatment


Study Find Significant Increase in Bilateral Mastectomy for Unilateral Breast Cancer Despite Lack of Survival Benefit

Read this Oncology news article illustrating that more women are resorting to bilateral mastectomy though the benefit in terms of survival has yet to be demonstrated.

Source:  The ASCO Post, 1115/14.

Complexity of the Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy Decision

Read this thought-provoking essay about preventative mastectomy, published in the Oncologist's newsmagazine, The ASCO post, 11/15/14.

Adjuvant Biphosphanates in Breast Cancer Treatment

This article in the journal Breast Care,( # 9, pp.319-322, October, 2014, first author: Knauer, M.) discusses the use of a class of medications that increase healthy bone density.  Early data points to its benefit in prevent bone fractures when breast cancer spreads.  Read more here:

Adjuvant Ovarian Suppression in Premenopausal Breast Cancer

Data suggests that women under age 50 may have improved survival with suppression of ovarian function.  Read results of a recent study to learn more here (New England Journal of Medicine, 1/29/15, first author: Francis, P.):

Tamoxifen Prevention of Breast Cancer Extends More Than 16 Years

Though the anti-estrogen medication, Tamoxifen has been recommended to prevent breast cancer in women shown to be at high risk of its recurrence, it is seldom used by those who would be most protected.  Read this study that shows new data revealing that 5 years of Tamoxifen usage continues to protect women up to 16 years later. (The ASCO Post, 2/15):

Ovarian Suppression Plus Hormonal Therapy May Be Important in Women under age 50 with Early stage Breast Cancer

Read this essay in the Oncology news journal, The ASCO Post which describes the benefit to women under age 50 achieved by suppression of the ovaries after chemotherapy in certain women.:

Integrative Therapies that are Recommended for Supportive Care in Breast Cancer

This summary in the oncology news journal, The ASCO Post, 1/25/15, reviews the Integrative Therapies to be considered for specific situations commonly encountered in breast cancer treatment.  Read more here:

Considering a Preventative Mastectomy: Know the Data

This article, published in the Oncology news journal, The ASCO Post, 1/25/15, reviews a recent discussion at the 2014 American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress.  Read more here:,-2015/contralateral-prophylactic-mastectomy-know-the-data-when-discussing-the-option-with-patients.aspx

The Role of Families in Decisions Regarding Cancer Treatment

This article summary reveals the importance of family members in cancer treatmetn decison-making.  Read more here: (The journal: Cancer, 2/2015, first author: Hobbs, Gabriella S. )

Adjuvant Oophorectomy in the Treatment of Early Stage BRCA-Mutation Positive Breast Cancer

Read this Editorial from the Journal of the American Medical Association (online publication, 4/23/15, author: Disis, Mary L.) which describes the improvement in survival from women with BRCA1 mutations that chose to have their ovaries removed, preventatively.

Read more here:

Radiotherapy or Not in Older Women Receiving Breast Conserving Therapy and Endocrine Treatment

Read this study in the Oncology news magazine, The ASCO Post, 4/25/15.  There is a slight difference in control of cancer in the breast gained by Radiation Therapy to the breast, but little difference in Survival.  Read more here:

Scalp Cooling Caps Offer Option to Prevent Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

Read of the most updated thinking on the use of a scalp cooling cap to prevent hair loss from chemotherapy.  Is there a risk of less effectiveness?  Source: The ASCO Post, 4/25/15, a leading Oncology news magazine: